Holy Crown of Hungary copy exhibition

Along the years of our operation we have dealt with different copies of the Holy Crown of Hungary several times. In our most recent project we present the fantastic Holy Crown of Hungary copy made by Attila Rónai laureate master goldsmith, in the most spectacular form. The crown copy has been created according to the descriptions of Péter Révay crown guard in 1613. Along the visual processing we have taken photographs and recorded video footage, and we have designed a small chamber exhibition graphic image and also we did the implementation.

The Holy Crown of Hungary copy can be viewed free of charge in Pécs, the Museum of Csontváry.

The exhibition was supported by: Dr. Zénó Ajtay, Janus Pannonius Museum, Pazirik Ltd., Attila Rónai


Name of the project

Holy Crown of Hungary copy exhibition




Pazirik Kft.

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