The four pillars of the Glimpses of Paks exhibition are the Danube Gallery, the Cabinets of Curiosities, the Loess Wall of Paks and the Historic Showroom. Their masterfully elaborated graphic surfaces represent the messages of each theme in an exciting manner. The Cabinets of Curiosities guides visitors through the history of the Sánchegy (Mound Hill), including the Roman auxiliary fort Lussonium, which protected Roman Pnanonia for four centuries. The Memory Hall invokes the history of Paks until the 19th century.
The Danube Collection presents ten topics, all arranged in so-called ’boxes’, from scavanging food to floodplain agriculture, and from washing in the Danube to the relations between man and river.The Loess Wall of Paks displays the results of scientific research carried out on local deposits as well as provides explanations for present-day environmental changes.

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Glimpses of Paks Heritage Center / Climate Center and Showcase, DDOP-2.1.1/A.B-12-2012-0007



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