Máré castle

There are very few children in Baranya county who have not been on an excursion at Máré castle, located near Magyaregregy village. The castle with its environment is one among the many beauties of the surrounding area among Pécsvárad, Szászvár, Kisújbánya and Püspökszentlászló. Our childhood experiences do not lack this archaic building either, its reconstruction has been created under the supervision of Gergely Buzás. The main theme of our animated film is about the cursed girl who –according to the legend – was once the inhabitant of this castle. The time of its construction and the name of who built it is unknown to us, but most certainly it has been constructed after the Mongol invasion. Its first mention was only in a certificate of 1316 in the form of “Castrum Mare”. Máré castle has withstood several sieges in the Ottoman era, and its last military role took place in 1956, when a Soviet tank fired at the Hungarian freedom fighters hiding behind its walls.

The characters have been created by the Digitális Legendárium.

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