“Amidst gunpowder smoke and stones”

Our films created during the “Tourist attraction development of the Eger castle and fortification system” project can be viewed in the István Dobó castle museum of Eger.
The published films:

  • The story of Eger castle till 1596
  • There’s a dog in the garden
  • Underground combat
  • Through lives to Gergő
  • Rebuilding of Eger castle till 1552
  • The siege of Eger 1552
  • David and Goliath, Balance of forces in 1552
  • The Italian fortification system
  • The episcopal castle of Eger around 1500
  • Blowing up the outer castle
  • The cathedral of Eger in the Middle Ages

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Name of the project

„Development of the tourist attractions of the Eger castle and the system of fortifications”


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