Kecskemét 650 exhibition building models

We have designed and executed the exhibition displaying the story of the last 6 and a half centuries of Kecskemét city in the Cifrapalota museum of the KKJM museum with the title Kecskemét 650 “Neither height, nor depth dreads”. The exhibition pressing on visual depiction and mustering the most modern technologies contains three 3D printed models: The Beretvás hotel, the Catholic tenement house and the water tower designed by Ödön Lechner. In the exhibition besides the models of the once existed and never built buildings one can view picturesque ifresco images, illuminated pageants, interesting objects hidden in drawers, VR spaces and an interactive projector.

The exhibition was commissioned by the Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeum with the support of the government of Kecskemét Megyei Jogú Város.
Curators of the exhibition: Dr. Szabolcs Rosta, ifj. László Gyergyádesz, Csaba Hajagos, István Pánya, Anikó Bognár Szabóné, András Balogh.

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