Ikervár – Twin castle

Ikervár (meaning Twin castle) is one of the oldest habitations of Vas County, according to our written sources royal castles stood on the bank of the Rába River as early as the 11th century. It was here where Prince Géza and King Solomon made peace with each other in 1073. It was mentioned for the first time in 1255, but later the habitation was mentioned also in the Turk era and also during the Rákóczi revolution.
On the seal of the town we can see two castles. The one that emerged from Róka-domb (Fox hill) still has its remains under the ground level, while the other mound (Fazékdomb or Cooking pot hill) has been mined away.
Still it is very hard to decide whether there were two castles or one double castle, or just one. József Dénes came to a conclusion that there was a double motte protecting the road heading to Karakó through Nyőgér and Hosszúpereszteg. István Feld is skeptical about Ikervár being a motte from the 11th century, due to the lack of proper archaeological research. We have created a reconstruction model of the motte on Róka-domb solely according to analogies as we know absolutely nothing about the looks this castle once had. The plateau of the 6 m high mound is 17 m wide, on top of it stood the castle. Its reconstruction was created according to German and French motte analogies. The fictional scene has been filled with the authentic figure models of Digitális Legendárium. Our professional source was Balázs Szőke.



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Ikervár (Twin castle)



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