Abaújvár castle

The earth ramparts of Abaújvár are the oldest remains of the fortifications of medieval Hungary, the castle used to be the seat of a reeve, it’s golden age was between the 11th and the 14th centuries. The castle that gave its name to the county as well, has been built on top of a standing out hill next to the banks of the river Hernád, on the northern rim of the Zemplén mountains. Its diameter is 235-245 meters, its surface is 3,9 ha, its ramparts are 3,5-4 meters high on the inner side. The castle was protected by a moat on the eastern side which has filled up through the centuries. The ramparts of the earth-wood castle were built on the remnants of a Roman era habitation (1-4. centuries), according to the artefacts recovered during the excavations, the date of construction can be placed into the first half of the 11th century. According to the Chronica Hungarorum the castle was built by King Samuel Aba. The 11th century theoretical reconstruction of the habitation has been created under the supervision of Gergely Buzás for the Várak, lovagok, királyok (Castles, knights, kings) exhibition.

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