Virtual time travel – See the unseen!

People have kept their mind occupied with the thought of time travel for a very long time. Everybody has thought about what medieval life could have been like, how people might have lived at that time. Now, with the help of the application developed by Pazirik Informatics Ltd. the reconstructed spaces materialize in front of our eyes. The virtual time travel application propels us back into the past with the help of the newest developments of digital science, and presents us the spectacular castle reconstruction never seen before. Live the experience, how the castle of Tata could have looked like! All this how? The answer: Virtual time travel. See the unseen!
So far completed:
  • Castle of Eger
  • Castle Simontornya
  • Somogyvár
  • Szigliget castle
  • Tata castle
  • Zirc

01 02 05


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Virtual Time Travel - See the unseen



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