Witnesses of history – as we see it

We have flown with innovative technological tools in the recent years at numerous historical sites, over 100 places to mention numbers. These present the new, so far unknown sites from perspectives obtainable by only a few. We considered it important that a short compositive film should be created from the large amount of digital materials.
The sites appearing in the short film: Visegrád Citadel, Eger castle, Cathedral of Szeged, Medieval church of Túrony, Regéc castle, Basilica of Pécs from aerial and indoors perspective, Túristvándi watermill, Festetics-palace at Dég, Somogyvár Benedictine abbey, Széchenyi square at Pécs, Máriagyűd shrine, Füzér castle, Károlyi-palace at Füzérradvány, Calvinist church at Túristvándi, Drégely castle, Almásy-palace and visitor center at Gyula, Máré castle, Szigliget castle, Salgó castle, Csesznek castle, Pannonhalma Grand Abbey, Somogyvámos church ruin, Visegárd royal palace, Siklós castle, Roman military fort at Dunakömlőd (Lussonium), Pécsvárad castle, Diósgyőr castle, Andrássy-palace at Tiszadob, Szigetvár castle.


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