Following the tracks of a 6000 years old bronz-age treasure trove from Magyaregres

A rare archaeological trove from the bronze age has been unearthed near Magyaregres in Somogy county, during the preliminary archeological excavations of the construction of the R67 road planned to connect the M7 motorway and Kaposvár. The site used to be a habitation of the early bronze age Balaton-Lasinja culture from between 4300 BC – 4000BC. An upside down pot has been found in the foundation ditch of a building, and 974 items inside it. The vessel contained 3 spiral shaped bracelets made of copper, 2 typical double spiral garment trimmings, 19 spiral shaped tubes, 685 small, riziform, cylinder sectioned copper beads, 262 large size drilled beads made of marble, clams, and other minerals, and 3 disc shaped beads. We have created a short film of the treasure commissioned by Lekri Group Ltd.


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