Virtual reconstruction of Gyula Castle

We were commissioned to create the virtual theoretical reconstruction of Gyula castle in two historical periods by the Erkel Ferenc Kulturális Központ és Múzeum Nonprofit Ltd. in the framework of the Kubinyi Ágoston programme. Our choice came to be 1566 and 1690 for the two historical periods considering the available source data and historical records. We consulted András Liska and István Feld about the archaeological research of the brick castle and the fortress around it. Military and architectural details of the fortress were discussed with József Kelenik, while Gergely Buzás provided us with a great help in reconstructing the sacral buildings of the country town. The historical landscape and the topography were researched by István Pánya. We created a 50 square kilometers size landscape around the castle, and we also visualized the country town and all fortifications in its vicinity. The outcome of the project was a selection of images, and an animated short film, but our reconstruction was also on which the diorama was based which can be viewed together with the other developments in Gyula castle.


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