Gyimesbükk – Rákóczi castle

The Rákóczi Castle, built in the 17th century, is located in Gyimesbükk, one of the easternmost settlements of historical Transylvania, today only its ruins can only be admired. According to some, the fortress established on the historical border was built by Gábor Bethlen around 1626. Its primary role was to control the trade route and the border in the valley, and also customs examination. It was not of great importance from the point of view of defence, although the raiding Tartars invading from Moldavia had to be stopped. The castle, built on the ridge extension of the Kőorr mountain peak called Antalok sorka, reached a steep reach to the Tatros valley, the level difference from the road going on was about 30 meters. During the construction of the castle, a staircase was built here, which was later given a wooden roof. Behind the border lock, a quarantine building complex served as the epidemiological regulations of the age. The theoretical reconstruction was made for an animated movie of the Szépvízért Egyesület along the research of József Nagy, Dr. Tamás Csikány and Gábor Nagy. The characters were created and animated by the Digitális Legendárium.


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Gyimesbükk - Rákóczi castle



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