Siege of Hungarian church during the Mongol invasion

The memorial site commemorating the appearance and settling of Cumans in Hungary, opened in the summer of 2019 at the former settlement of chief Szank. Its main building is the visitor center which takes the visitors back into the past centuries with the help of modern methods.
One of the highlighted elements of the exhibition is the maquette displaying the siege of the church of Szank during the Mongol invasion. The church was created by 3D printing, all other parts of the maquette by classic modeling. The drawer is part of the installation where one can see the archaeological map of the site. A large Ifresco historical illustration on a wall in the background is also part of the installation, displaying the fortification works of the church. The experts participating in the project were Zoltán Boldog, Zsófia Lukács, Márta Mészáros, István Pánya, Szabolcs Rosta and Szabolcs Varga. The maquette was created by Gyula Homoki (Miniatűr Történelem Ltd.)


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Siege of Hungarian church during the Mongol invasion



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