Castle of Zalak

The timber structure castle formerly standing near Sorkisfalud could be called a motte, though it did not stand on a mound. The reason for this could be that the marshland surrounding it provided an excellent defense for the little fort with a circular ditch. Zalak fiefdom was granted to comes Dés of the Hermán genus by King Béla IV in 1269. The castle built here is round shaped, its inner diameter is 20 meters while its outer diameter is 40 meter with the ditch included. During the archeological excavations in 1987-89 the remnants of the 6×9 meter wooden tower, the hearth inside it, and the surrounding wooden walls have been found. The castle is mentioned in 1278 as a ruin in a charter. The theoretical reconstruction model has been created along the supervision of Gergely Buzás. The characters were created by Digitális Legendárium.

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