Castellum at Gálosfa – reconstruction

The castellum of mediaeval Gálosva was researched by Csilla Aradi, the theoretical reconstruction was created acoording to the researcher models of Gergely Buzás. The monastery of the order of Saint Paul founded in 1335 stood on the premises of former Péterfalva, on the Eastern side of the Kistótváros access road, East from Gálosfa. The castellum stood North from this on a hilltop. In 1488 the residence was in the hands of the Imreffys descendants of Imre son of János son of Miklós. According to Péter Tímár the Imreffys possessed the castellum fortified with a moat in the meantime till 1660. It may have perished in 1606.


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Castellum at Gálosfa - reconstruction



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