Baths – from Buda in the Ottoman era

The baths are characteristic relics of Budapest from the Ottoman era. These are the monuments of the bath culture under the Turkish rule which were built using the thermal springs also previously used in the Middle Ages. The specialty of these is that all operated with the use of natural thermal water. Amongst the baths the simplest construction is the Rác bath standing at the foot of the Gellért mountain, while we can see the more complex constructed Veli bey bath north from Buda standing opposite to the Margaret Island. Rudas – the bath with the most lavish configuration lays at the foot of Gellért Mountain on the bank of the Danube, the weight of its dome is carried by peak-arched vaults standing on eight pillars.

In Our animated historic video made for the Budapest History Museum you can see these three spectacular Ottoman buildings through 3D theoretical reconstructions and live video footage. The film can be watched at the exhibition titled “Közös úton – Budapest és Krakkó a középkorban” both at Budapest (Hungary) and in Kraków (Poland).



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Baths of Buda during the Ottoman period


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